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About Scratchpad Albany Centre (Coding for kids and students)

We offer after school programmes. Kids can enjoy following programmes, like Robotics using Edison, Minecraft Modding,Graphioc Designing, 3D Printing,Python, Makey Makey, Let us Code etc.
There are at least 7 benefits of Coding for Kids and Students.
1. Through coding kids can learn computational skills
2. Coding is the new literacy
3. Coding helps kids to learn problem-solving skills
4. Coding comes with career opportunities
5. Coding equips the kids with skills that are important in future
6. Coding facilitates creativity
7. Coding can help students to avoid problems and learn perseverance
It’s been noted that knowing how to code is very important especially for the young generation. As Bill Gates said, learning to write programs not only helps you think better but also stretches your mind. This means there are many benefits of coding for students and kids.


Logical Thinking is the key

by SCRATCHPAD 1110 days ago 118 views

Coding improves logical thinking.