228 Hobsonville Point Road
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About Sandford.Solutions

My name is John Sandford and I operate Sandford.Solutions, a 14-year business advisory and mentoring practice. I do not replace any of your professional advisors but provide all-of-business advice to owners and/or Boards and have advised companies ranging in size from three to hundreds of employees and worth from less than $1m to over $75m. I have guided clients through start-ups, fix-ups, growth spurts, re-building and re-structuring. I have worked with clients in assessing and re-building governance structures and developed succession plans and partial and full exits. Based on my own experience over 30 years of establishing and developing several businesses and advising dozens of others, I provide you with achievable solutions and provide follow-up service for implementation.
Our first meeting is free-of-charge to you and preferably at your place of business. At that meeting, an important issue is establishing that we can work well together. We also discuss the challenges you're facing and and how I might be able to help you. It's important to remember that we not only provide you with advice and solutions, we can also work with you for implementation.
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