10 Islington Street
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About Riverside Womens Healthcare Ltd c/o Vigour Clinic

Gynaecological Specialist Private Practice for Womens' health issues.
Clinic hours posted below but receptionist available every day.
Professional Rooms also available to lease with private parking at back.
Pelvic Floor Physiotherapist, Shelley Solomon, also consults here and
Maria Rotelli, clinical psychologist is starting in February.

RIVERSIDE WOMEN’S HEALTHCARE is a private clinic in Whangarei run by women for women’s health problems such as troublesome bleeding, menopause concerns, abnormal smears, pelvic pain, vulval pain, vulval rashes and itching, and fertility issues. Many of the common problems can be treated with simple minor procedures done either at the clinic or at Kensington Hospital. We would be happy to see you for routine well woman checks as well. Dr Moss still assesses women regarding bladder leakage problems and prolapse and offers the non-surgical options for management of these but no longer carries out the surgery for incontinence and prolapse.

The emphasis at the clinic is on making sure women have as much time as necessary to discuss their problems and as much information as possible about their own health on which to base their decisions as to the type of treatment that is best for them. This will include in-depth discussion of non-surgical options but, if major surgery is required or desired, this will be done using modern techniques that are designed to improve safety, reduce postoperative pain and hasten recovery.

Dr Rachel Moss, the specialist gynaecologist, can see you for a consultation to discuss your health issues and perform a routine gynaecological examination. She may recommend additional investigations and procedures to aid in making a diagnosis before a decision is made as regards the best treatment, but options for treatment will be discussed at the initial consultation. A large number of investigations and minor procedures can be done in the clinic at your first visit if you wish, some of which involve additional costs which are listed in the price schedule below. You can, however, request that these are done at a subsequent consultation if you wish or if you need to arrange insurance pre-approval. Treatments or surgery that require an operating theatre are done in the new Kensington Hospital. There are an increasing number of minor or minimally invasive treatments for a lot of the common problems that used to only be treated with major surgery. Usually any surgery required can be arranged within a few weeks.

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