34 Vautier Street
Napier South
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About Napier RSA

The Napier RSA was founded 100 years ago by local men who saw the need for an organization to support and assist those soldiers returning from both Gallipoli and the European conflicts. Many were physically and mentally affected by the war and were finding it hard to re-adjust and fit into society. In 1916 they formed the Returned Soldiers Association a safe, understanding, and social environment, far removed from the horrors of conflict. During the years changes were made to involve the wider community and is now known as a Returned and Service Association (RSA). Membership 100 years ago was limited to only Returned Servicemen and women.
Now the Napier RSA doors are open to the community of Napier as a Club and venue for various activities such as meals, beverages, sports, entertainment, and friendship. Together we share remembrance, compassion & camaraderie as a legacy to the past and our tribute to the future.