About Mountain Master E-Bikes

We decided that Kiwis on the whole were paying way over the odds for overseas products. So what could we do about it? Simple! We began importing ourselves and work on the principle of stock turnover instead of greedy margins.We now import not only our core business of electric mountain bikes, but also DATA TRANSFER CHARGE CABLES/ BLUETOOTH SPEAKERS (3 designs)/ CORDLESS DISC TYPE DESKTOP CHARGERS/ 20000mah SOLAR POWERED POWER BANKS/ NEW MAGNETIC ‘L’ SHAPED CHARGING CABLES FOR A WIDE VERIETY OF TABLETS & PHONES/ BLUETOOTH NOISE REDUCTION HEADPHONES/B/T HEADPHONES / SPORT ROUND THE NECK STYLE EARPIECES/ THE LATEST IN B/T EARBUDS ( both the i7s and the i8x models) DESKTOP MULTI CHARGERS ALLOWING YOU TO CHARGE UP TO 6 ITEMS AT A TIME/ DBL CAR CHARGERS / OUR WEB SITE ( www.gotebikes.co.nz... ) NOT YET READY TO GO LIVE BUT WE WILL IN THE INTERIM CARRY ON SELLING VIA GREAT ONLINE PUBLICATIONS LIKE THIS AS WELL AS TRADEME. FOR MORE INFORMATION, CONTACT ME ANY TIME on: 021 400 424