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About Inspired To Dive

I am an underwater photographer specialising in New Zealand underwater, cave diving photography and documentation of underwater sites.

New Zealand's oceans and Mexico's caves are my regular playgrounds. In New Zealand's cool waters there are a myriad of nudibranchs, fish schools, seals, dolphins, kelp-covered reefs, plunging walls, wrecks and caves.

In Mexico's Riviera Maya hundreds of cenotes open up into vast cave systems. From spectacularly decorated tunnels to ancient animal bone sites, you never know what is around the next corner.

A world below water has been my inspiration. I hope it can be yours too.


Summer of Stingrays

by Alison Perkins 1364 days ago 407 views

InspiredToDive.com presents Summer of Stingrays - a short film featuring underwater videography of stingrays and other fish in New Zealand. In the summer of 2018 short-tailed stingrays (Dasyatis br…