About Grant Quality Solutions

Hi there,
GQS provides personalised business compliance solutions for small to medium business enterprises.
GQS has been in operation since 2015 with the focus to provide sensibly priced, practical support to Hawkes Bays SME's and, some of it's larger businesses.
I've been actively involved in the compliance game watching it change the way we do business and evolve for over 30 years.
My forte is being able to take that experience and apply it to your existing business processes, reinforcing them where needed, or tweaking them to make them 'fit' with the criteria you are required to meet. I will do this in ways that make sense to your everyday operation and to help get the best productive returns while maintaining compliance standards. Alternatively, I can create bespoke business processes to meet these same ideals.

GQS also specialises in providing assistance in pre-qualification processes for Health & Safety, Quality Assurance, Environmental & Horticultural (Global GAP & GRASP) compliance requirements.

Existing clients are from a wide range of backgrounds -
• Trades
• Engineering manufacturing
• Mechanical workshops
• Landscaping
• Agriculture
• Printing / Design
• Arboriculture / Horticulture
• Civil Construction / Infrastructure support

I look forward to hearing from you and making sense of all your compliance needs.
Kia Kaha