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    Keep your feet healthy and comfortable by wearing our high-performing certified copper&zinc socks.

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About Fitz Great

We are a family-owned business, which specializes in developing germ-killing, high-performing socks that keep feet healthy and comfortable by using a certified yarn harnessing the properties of copper and zinc.

Activities, such as running, tramping, cycling, long walks, and the like, put a lot of pressure on your feet; hence, wearing appropriate shoes and socks is essential for keeping your feet protected and comfortable. Any discomfort or ailment in your feet will jeopardize you enjoying any experience fully.

We have developed two main socks categories: sports and high-tech socks. Our sport socks (cotton + copper & zinc) are ideal for everyday activities while our high-tech socks (merino wool + copper & zinc) provide extra cushioned knitting for high intensity activities. Both incorporate our germ-killing technology to provide superior protection to your feet.