About Emma Monaghan Photography

Emma Monaghan Photography is pleased to offer Little Annie Pop-in portraits in Waikanae and Paraparaumu. Monthly Pop-ins are the world's best, most affordable and most adorable way to capture your baby and changing growing month by month.
Monthly Pop-ins are perfect for bubbas and children of all ages, and there are no rules saying you have to start from month one, or stop at 12 months to build an awesome collection. Pop-ins are an addiction that's hard to shake!
Your best photo is chosen for you and delivered to your Pop-in account within days of your shoot. It couldn't be easier. And for only $20 a pop, what have you got to lose!
Monthly Pop-ins are for individual portraits of children only, if you need a shot of your kids together keep an eye out for our Sibling Specials in the school holidays, and check out our Specials page to find out about our Family shoots and more!
Book at www.popinphotos.com...