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About Electrohealth

We inspect for non-ionising radiation (EMR) in buildings and the probability of the fields affecting the health of the occupiers. Symptoms which have been linked to EMR include; ME, CFS, ES, hyper-sensitivity, immune disfunction, birth problems, cancer and many other illnesses.
Radiation inside and outside buildings influences health. There are ways of reducing radiation to protect you from its ill effects. We show sources of fields and explain their likely effect on nerve functioning. We provide best practice guidelines on low radiation healthy building to reduce exposure. Existing environments are inspected or recommendations made on plans. The report provides full advice on mitigation methods available. Procedures to be carried out by other contractor or homeowner.
Twelve months free phone support to bona fide customers.
If no stress creating fields are found at initial inspection, no charge is made (conditions apply).
Call 021 171 2054 for more information.