About Dunedin Property Management

Dunedin Property Management was founded in 2020 by Dunedin businessman Rueben Skipper. The changing landscape in property management with its ongoing amendments to the residential tenancy act provided an opportunity for a company that was innovative and smart.

We are experts in property management, experts in digital marketing, local, and loyal to Dunedin. We understand that our community is made up of people from all walks of life and each and everyone of us deserves to be treated with respect. As such, our values exemplify our passion for Dunedin and our values that every Dunedinite whether they are rich or poor, old or young, white or brown deserves a warm home to live in, to raise their family and to build memories.

The services we offer as part of our over residential property management service includes:

1. Property letting
2. Rent collection and arrears management
3. Routine inspections
4. Maintenance and repair
5. Health Homes Standards

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