About Drain Ninjas Ltd

Drain Ninjas Limited is an Auckland family owned and operated business, whose Ninjas have over 25 years experience in the drainage industry and the founder has over 40 years business experience. Our System integrates safety, health, environmental and quality service and solutions.

We have the latest and internationally recognised plant and equipment, operated by our highly trained and experienced Ninjas. We are able to deliver solutions that conform to the highest quality standards and fit into our customers’ budget.

At Drain Ninjas, we know the importance of having drains operating at 100% and also understand that even a partially blocked drain or blocked sewer is not only unpleasant at best but can be a health hazard and cause major property and contents damage at its worst.

There are multiple causes for blocked toilet & drains in Auckland, such as; age (causing a deterioration in condition), ground movement (including heavy vehicles), tree roots or other obstacle intrusion, fat build up from daily domestic or commercial use and foreign objects.

We specialise in residential and small to medium business enterprises.

We are Ninjas because we are fast, efficient and solution driven.

Give us a call today on 0800 4 64652 for 24/7 service in your area.

We provide/offer the following services:
• Drain unblocking
• CCTV Investigation - Council Inspections
• Fault finding and locating
• Root cutting
• Pre-purchase inspections
• Drain Repairs
• Suction / Vacuum Loading - Septic tank cleaning
• Cesspit & Grease Trap Cleaning