About Chilton Saint James School

Chilton Saint James School is a world-class private girls’ day school from Years 1 to 13 that supports girls to be the best they can. It is a school where students say “we can be ourselves”. With fine academic results, great arts achievements, excellent sport and 10,000 hours spent on community service, girls are engaged in all aspects of school life.

The Pre-school has a capacity of 50 students and caters for both boys and girls form aged 2-4. The students are introduced to the world of learning and experience a caring and vibrant programme that provides them with the skills and confidence to enter Primary School.

The Primary School is committed to the International Baccalaureate Primary Year Programme where inquiry is at the heart of the curriculum. For Years 1-6, the girls experience small classes that support individual learning. Students do not go unnoticed. The Primary School runs specialist Dance, French Physical Education, Music and instrument classes for all girls.

The Secondary School for Years 7-13 offers a broad programme of study under NCEA and the Cambridge International Examinations, New Zealand Scholarship examinations and courses at the University of Victoria.

The Dance School is home to just under 700 students per week who take part in a range of classes from classical ballet to hip hop. Ranging from aged 3 -18, the Dance School tutors foster both male and female dancers.

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