About Carson & Bird Limited

Carson & Bird was established in late 2015 after recognising a demand for unique, quality and sustainably sourced furniture at a reasonable price.

We believe in living a sustainable life, in an individual style and with an adventurous spirit. Rachel Carson and Isabella Bird were two women from different centuries who lived this way, both as pioneers of their time. Carson was an environmentalist, who believed, as we do, that each of us have a responsibility to look after our world and protect it for future generations. Bird was an explorer, an intrepid woman who traveled solo throughout the world in the 1800’s, a time when this was unheard of, penning travel books and undertaking charitable works particularly in Asia. We’ve chosen their names as our name, to represent our commitment to sustainability while living an adventurous, individual, nurturing, meaningful life … not a styled one.

This journey towards sustainability has started with our first step – ensuring that all of our furniture meets our durability criteria – criteria that requires the furniture to be of such quality that it can be passed through the generations.