43 Paparoa Street
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About Ascending In Light

Hello, my name is Shatara, I have a deep interest in energy and consciousness based healing and have studied metaphysics and holistic healing over many years. My practice is called Ascending in light as this directly relates to the time of transformation we are in, this is a shift in frequency that changes our perception of reality, a gradual awakening to our true essence as a non physical energy being in physical form. We are presently going through a physical and consciousness upgrade bringing karmic energy distortion that needs to be released as we ascend. The body is a complex system of energy that is vibrational, as we raise our rate of vibrational frequency, we raise our conscious awareness to this Truth. This expansion of Consciousness helps all others on their unique path to remembrance, as we are all ONE. By healing your energetic blockages you allow again the infinite flow of love, abundance and joy into your life.

Knowing who you truly are is
Knowing that all is truly well

To see more information on how I can assist you in healing and empowering your life`s journey visit my website: ascendinginlight.com
I look forward to meeting you !