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    Relaxation, Deep Tissue, Reflexology, Sports Massage, Jaw Joint Massage, Scar Tissue Release

    Yoga & Meditation

    60 min. private classes at our clinic or online. Packages with discounts available.

    Energy Therapy

    60 min. clothed, full-body treatment. Packages with discounts available.

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46 days ago


Lukas Nowicki from The Holistic Health Corner

To all yogis, I created this exclusive yoga support group for you to be able to receive more guidance and have access to helpful resources about the yogic wisdom including free online yoga classes, guided meditations, books and much more.

46 days ago

Massage Therapy | Yoga & Meditation | Energy Therapy

Lukas Nowicki from The Holistic Health Corner

Looking for a certified massage or yoga therapist? My Herne Bay based clinic reopened. I regularly share free yoga classes, guided meditations and more healthy content via my Facebook page. Join our community.

90 days ago

The Guided Sleep Meditation

Lukas Nowicki from The Holistic Health Corner

The Guided Sleep Meditation (bit.ly...) focuses on mindfulness and pure relaxation of your body, mind and soul. This mind-calming practice focuses on breathing and awareness of the present moment and can help with sleep disturbances. Experience yourself in silence.

98 days ago

My Gift To You

Lukas Nowicki from

As a yoga & meditation teacher, this is my contribution to make your time at home more enjoyable and keep your mind at ease during those challenging times. Access my free guided meditation videos via www.holistichealthcorner.co.nz....... Be kind to each other, stay safe and positive. 🙏🏼