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About LoveGrass Mowing and Landscaping

Hi Everyone. Im Spencer Gale and I'€™m passionate about grass and improving outdoor areas. I'm an ex-greenkeeper, so I am educated in grass care.

I operate differently to most mowing businesses. I do NOT insist on a fortnightly mowing arrangement, as grass should not be mown that often at certain times (e.g Winter)

Mowing at only optimum times for the health of your grass has a twofold

# It greatly improves the quality of your lawn. Less weeds. More lush green

# It saves you money, as I am not coming to mow as often.

My service is not expensive. Most lawns are $20-$40 and for that I will do
edges, mow with a high quality mower, and blow all your
paths and driveway clear each visit.

Give me a call or flick me an email to arrange a meeting. Or like us on
Facebook and check our reviews