13 days ago


John from FAMCO Water

call 0800 456463 for your drinking, pool and stock water

20 days ago


John from FAMCO Water

call 0800 456463 for for your drinking and stock water

41 days ago

Spring arrived!

John from FAMCO Water

with summer on the horizon, perhaps now is a good time to check spouting and down pipes responsible for carrying water from your roof to the tank?
Need Drinking Water? Search Google for Famco Water or call 0800 456463

89 days ago

preparing for the summer..........

John from FAMCO Water

If you are thinking about cleaning your drinking water tank, consider doing this now! FAMCO water is ready to do the first fill so you wont be out of water till the rain returns. Call 0800 456463

181 days ago

Drinking water

John from FAMCO Water

We are all thankful for recent rain, but there was not enough to fill the water tanks. We are here to help! 0800 456463. John

213 days ago

Very little rain! - not even in April!

John from FAMCO Water

FAMCO WATER still delivers water daily - as some watch the sky and others gauge their drinking and stock water tank levels.
We are here to help! call us on 0800 456463.

230 days ago

It's RAIN!


Continue to check your tanks!. This rain was great for the garden but is there enough for your home use?

237 days ago

STILL DRY.....checked your water tanks?


Rain still holding off and drizzle doesn't seem to fill the home water tank.... FAMCO WATER is here to help - 0800 456 463

245 days ago

warm weather and dry conditions to continue


The rain forecast doesn't seem optimistic for rain to fill your water tank this month. Famco Water can help! Call FAMCO Water on 0800456463

252 days ago

EASY to remember - clear signage


Call 'FAMCO' 0800 456 463
Our 'Family Company' for Your Drinking Water

256 days ago

drinking water

We may receive rain on Friday - they say - but if not sufficient to your needs, we are here to help!~ up to 13000L per load -
call 0800 456 463

264 days ago

drinking water

though it rained calls keep coming for water delivery. Please check your tank(s) and don't run out!

268 days ago

rain! what rain.......?

sure hope it rains - but we are here to help if it doesn't
FAMCO water services - CALL 0800 456 463