46 days ago

Conservationists concerned over reckless drivers endangering rare birds

Nicole Mathewson Reporter from Northern Outlook

Conservationists are concerned reckless four-wheel-drive owners will kill rare birds and their chicks during nesting season on Canterbury’s Ashley River.

Ashley Rakahuri Rivercare Group operations manager Grant Davey urged people to keep their vehicles away from the gravel bed of the North Canterbury river to protect wrybills who have been threatened by several vehicles already this season.

Environment Canterbury parks and forests team leader James Page said nesting areas were protected by the Wildlife Act, which was administered by the Department of Conservation. The nesting area had been cordoned off since September to protect the wrybill colony.

“We monitor the area closely, and there is signage installed along the river advising park users about the nesting area, and concrete blocks are installed at entry points to deter vehicles.”

He encouraged anyone who saw colonies being disturbed to contact ECan on 0800 324 636.

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2 days ago


Brian from Rangiora

Last night on seven sharp a weather man recommended a weather app, weatherpro. I put it on my phone and it changed all my settings. A friend of mine had the same problem. It is also hard to delete. Be wary.

4 days ago

Tell us your Canterbury favourites

Nicole Mathewson Reporter from The Press

As part of a summer series, we are planning on running some top 10 lists for the best foods/places/activities in Christchurch/Canterbury.

Examples could be best summer foods in the region (ice cream, fruit etc), best wineries to visit, activities to try (adventure park, swim spots etc) or anything else that you enjoy to do in our backyard.

Please leave submissions of your favourite summer foods/places/activities and where to find them below in the comments, or by emailing reporters@press.co.nz

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Picked in the morning, on your plate for lunch

Mei Leng Wong Reporter from NZ Gardener & Get Growing

Dear neighbours,

Read about this Dunedin cafe where vegetables from the kitchen has been grown by the owner. The staples of pumpkins, beetroot, cabbage and carrots do well here, he says, with a wide variety of other crops including spring onions, kohlrabi, celery, fennel, kale, potatoes, silverbeet, leek, mint and herbs. Yummy!