56 days ago

SNOWFLAKES in February in North Canterbury

Sandi from Hurunui District

Whats wrong with our men in north Canterbury? Are they all snowflakes? Afraid to get their hands dirty? A young lady in Amberley Countdown carpark on Saturday had a flat tyre and whilst she was trying herself to get the nuts off they had been put on by machine and no amount of jumping up and down on the tyre tool could get them undone. She had asked a couple of young guys for help.. to no avail.. they were in a rush they said.... as they sauntered off into the shops! She was just about in tears when along came a knight in shining armour who helped her out getting tools from his car to get the nuts undone and then helping her get the tyre off and the new one on.. This man could hardly walk himself and struggled to get one knee on the ground to do the job.. whilst other young men walked by them. How do I know this? because this knight was my husband heading towards 70 years of age with a heart condition and in need of a hip replacement. Yet HE still managed to stop and help whilst all the snowflakes walked by. The age of chivalry is not dead BUT the younger generations need to step into the shoes of the older ones to carry on being MEN. So to all you snowflakes out there it is not that we women cant DO things it is sometimes just a matter of strength. Policemen used to help with these sort of things but they are too busy giving people speeding fines to be real policemen looking after the people . So come on YOUNG men show us you have some balls, it was just a nut that needed undoing she wasnt asking for a kidney ! So I will say THANK YOU to my husband for his kindly deed even if he was in pain for the rest of the day

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2 hours ago

Fundraising Market Stall

Jeneane Hobby from Ashley Community Church Incorporated

What a great morning we had at the Rangiora Sunday Market. It was a nippy start for the stall holders setting up in the Blake St car park, but the sun shone on a windless day. We enjoyed having people from all over NZ browsing and buying from our stall today. Hope the other stall holders did well too. We still have funds to come in but the Committee is pleased with the result so far.

Special thanks to Arthur Linnell of the North Canterbury Model Railway Club for his generosity to us in his role as market manager. The club hosts the market as a fundraiser and it was good to see young families visiting the working models in the club rooms next to the car park.

5 hours ago

Face masks

Michelle from Rangiora

Off to Aussie? Need a mask? Give me a call. $5 each four layers and comfortable to wear. Loads of colours and patterns. Have a happy and safe holiday 😃😃 Michelle 027 726 2989.

1 day ago

Moscovy Female Duck

Kaye from Swannanoa - Ohoka

Hi Neighbours,
We have 2 Male Moscovy Ducks and we are looking for 1 or 2 Females
Please ring Kaye- 0279293600.