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Contact wanted

Adelle from Central Whangarei

Hello All.
Sorry to use the site this way but I am looking to contact the gentleman with the pug service dog. If you know him and he is not a member could you ask him to contact Adelle Smith at adelletania@yahoo.com or private message me here. We spoke at Kmart with a hearing dog.

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1 day ago

What we don't want to see on The Block NZ

Colleen Hawkes Reporter from Homed

The Block NZ is back on our screens on Monday, but let's hope there are no more silly decor challenges and over-the-top reserves.

8 hours ago

Resident-friendly terms

Ryman Healthcare Limited

Our pioneering approach to retirement living includes resident-friendly terms designed to protect you and your family.

Ryman’s Peace of Mind Guarantees include terms such as our deferred management fee that is capped at 20 percent, one of the lowest in the retirement sector.
Our base weekly fee is fixed for the entire time you occupy your townhouse or apartment*, and comprehensive care can be dialled up as your needs change.

Terms like these provide you with greater confidence to live the way you want.
*Some conditions apply
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3 days ago

Our good people

Glen from Central Whangarei

So with all the bad news stories we hear I wanted to share a happy story, I have a brand new mobility scooter I went out today in Whangarei for my very first ride, I did not get far, faced with a flooded footpath, see the image I faced reversing fifty meters back down the footpath and finding another way.
Nix minute a little car pulls up out jumps a large Maori man offering to help he stood in the water and directed me forward showing where the path was. Made my day I love this stuff lots of good people out there.
And before anybody jumps on me I also identify as Maori a descendant of the Ngati Raukawa tribe.