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20 days ago

If you have Skoota -

Alison Neighbourly Lead from Kamo

Today marks 187 days since Skoota went missing and it has been a sad day for us. So just one more thing. The picture today is what will be the new sign for Skoota.
We decided to change it to create new awareness. Do the RIGHT Thing and take him home. Or if you know who has Skoota - Report it PLEASE.

15 hours ago

Pink Shirt Day

NumberWorks'nWords Whangarei

In Aotearoa New Zealand, Pink Shirt Day works to create schools, workplaces, communities, and whānau where everyone feels safe, valued, and respected. At NumberWorks'nWords, we do not tolerate bullying and strive to cultivate healthy learning environments, where students can be themselves and thrive.

Support Pink Shirt Day and say NO to bullying!

18 hours ago

What's On: 7 Days Live

Luke from Auckland Central

See Jeremy Corbett, Dai Henwood, Justine Smith, Paul Ego, Ben Hurley, Josh Thomson, Laura Daniel and the team on a stage right in front of you this June! Tickets:
7 Days Live
  • McKay Stadium