63 days ago

How are you coping with the coronavirus lockdown?

Denise Piper Reporter from Whangarei Leader

With Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern announcing on Monday that New Zealand would go into lockdown in two days, supermarkets have been chaos and liquor stores are seeing large queues. How are you coping? Do your whanāu have any distraction techniques?

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13 hours ago

World Smoke Free Day

Natasha Judd from Cancer Society Northland

There are no restrictions on where smokes are sold, even though they kill two-thirds of people who smoke and are R18 products. Should smokes only be sold in R18 specialist tobacco shops?
Go to our poll here: www.facebook.com...

8 hours ago

Maths in Daily Life

NumberWorks'nWords Whangarei

Have you heard your child say "Why do I ever need to know this?" Relating maths to real life can help your child understand the why!

10 hours ago

Special offer for all adventurers...

The National Team from SPCA - Whangarei Centre

We are offering an early bird special on our Jump to the Rescue registrations!

For a limited time only, sign up for just $35 and get that jump of a lifetime locked in this August.

Jump to the Rescue is our exciting fundraising event, perfect for adrenaline junkies looking to help a good cause!

Join Team SPCA, you won’t regret it:

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