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5 hours ago

Do you know meningococcal disease symptoms?

Denise Piper Reporter from Whangarei Leader

Meningococcal disease is a potentially fatal bacterial infection that can cause meningitis or blood poisoning. With the season for this disease now upon us, do you know what symptoms to look out for?

4 days ago

Do you think Northland should be GE-free?

Denise Piper Reporter from Whangarei Leader

Northland Regional Council has decided not to include rules on genetically modified organisms (GMOs) in the Regional Plan for Northland - potentially opening the doors to GMOs. What do you think of the decision? (Please put NFP if your comments are not for publication.)

1 day ago

Okara Ward Whangarei

Glen from Central Whangarei

Do you live or work in Okara Ward Whangarei
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