52 days ago

Have you been able to book a Covid-19 vaccine appointment?

Denise Piper Reporter from Whangārei Leader

A plan to offer Covid-19 vaccines to everyone over 50 in Northland has been called “a shambles”, as those over 75, who should have been high priority, cannot get a booking to get their dose. Last week, Northland District Health Board decided to buck Ministry of Health recommendations and open up its vaccine clinics to all over-50s. But with 73,000 Northlanders in this age group, it has been overwhelmed with demand, receiving an average of 50 calls an hour and more than 2000 emails to book an appointment. Have you had the same problems, or have you been able to book a vaccine appointment?

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10 hours ago

Seriously? Panic buying toilet paper again?

Peter Neighbourly Lead from Kamo

I opened stuff tonight and what did I see? A picture of shelves devoid of toilet paper in Wellington, that shoud've been there.
Folks, Covid is a respiratory disease in the first place - it's not Cholera!
You do not get the dire rear from Covid.
Reminds me of this joke I read a year ago: " It's the year 2039, and John gets to open the last pack of toilet paper that his mother bought in 2020". I actually observed a woman coming out of Countdown with 3-4 18packs of toilet paper last year and her little 4-5 year old asking her why she bought all that stuff. Mom was not amused! LoL.

16 hours ago

Cat a whisker from death after head got stuck in tin can

Melanie Earley Reporter from Whangārei Leader

Kia ora neighbours, a Northland cat whose head became stuck in a tin can while scrounging for scraps had to be rescued by police.

The cat was only minutes away from death when sergeant Paul Nicholas discovered the animal on Charles St in Kamo.

“While it looked quite comical, I realised it was fairly serious,” Nicholas said.

Read the full story by clicking the link below.

1 day ago

Go behind-the-scenes in Stuff's newsroom

Angela Quigan Reporter from Stuff

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