16 days ago

Let's celebrate Earth Day, too

Oliver Neighbourly Lead from One Tree Point

Yes, I know - it doesn't have the high status and recognition of ANZAC Day or Waitangi Day with their related events, which get a lot of attention and press coverage, nor does it come with the commercial frenzy of Christmas or Easter, and it isn't even a public holiday. But Earth Day (22-Apr) is no less worth celebrating, particularly this year, with some high profile climate action events happening internationally at the highest level as well as in our very own backyard.
Nowadays I prefer to direct my energy and support towards action that provides hope and pathways for a fairer, safer and healthier future. Here's to Earth Day and our one and only planet.

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6 days ago

Antivaxer nonsense

David from Onerahi

Can anyone tell me who is responsible for delivering a pamphlet of mis-information, lies and distorted facts to the letterboxes of Onerahi?
Nowhere does anyone's name appear on the pamphlet or the website link.
This shameful nonsense should be stamped out, it is potentially putting people's lives at risk. We may be largely Covid free in NZ at the moment but that can change in as little as a few weeks.
Anyone receiving this pamphlet should refer to www.stuff.co.nz... for some accurate information instead of the lies spread by this flyer.

6 hours ago

What's On: Northland-Sinfonia Presents Mozart; Saint-Sean’s; Glazunov

Mark from Parua Bay / Whangarei Heads

Enjoy the acclaimed Northland Sinfonia featuring Concertos with Performing Arts Graduates Anita Austin - French Horn and Xena Martin - Cello. Adults $25 under 18 free. Tickets: Eventfinda+ door sales.
Northland-Sinfonia Presents Mozart; Saint-Sean’s; Glazunov
  • Christ Church