34 days ago

Smokingfree 2025

Natasha Judd from Cancer Society Northland

Smoking kills more New Zealanders each year than road crashes, suicide, alcohol, other drugs, murder and drowning - all put together.
Let's change this www.parliament.nz...
Sign the petition to reduce the number of shops selling tobacco and help New Zealand reach Smokefree 2025.

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2 days ago

Whangarei ED

Suza from Tikipunga

I have the utmost regard and thanks, not only to ED, but the overworked medical, surgical and nursing staff throughout. Pat yourselves on the back whangarei hospital.3 weeks ago my GP sent me to ED, by midnight I had been found a bed, and was operated on the following day.
Without exception, everyone was helpful, kind and efficient. So please be more patient with overworked hospital staff, they really could do with a little more praise, and thanks , for what they do, rather than what they don't.
So a Big thank you Whangarei hospital, from a very satisfied old bird 🤗

10 hours ago

Any car for sale ?

Sila from Kamo

Anyone has a car for sale? I need to buy a car for my daughter to get to school & work. Can pay up to $2,000.00. Message me on FB or text 0210684996. Even easier... send me a photo. Thank you in advance.

15 hours ago

Benefits of taking breaks

NumberWorks'nWords Whangarei

As parents and educators, we know that a heavy workload and commitments can be stressful, so taking breaks is an essential part of learning. At NumberWorks’nWords, we ensure that breaks are scheduled into each students’ session.

Check out the full blog to explore the benefits of taking breaks for learning and focus!