35 days ago

Face to Face Communication versus Tecnology

Alison Shrigley Reporter from Whangārei Leader

FROM A TEACHER: Yesterday, I shut down class about 5 minutes early and told my students I wanted them to just sit and talk to one another. Several of them immediately opened their laptops and began navigating to their favorite computer game.
I said, "No, no laptops. I want you to have face-to-face conversations right now."
After a collective groan went up, I observed something both wonderful and alarming. For the next few minutes, a couple of tables came alive with conversation. They looked at each other in the eyes and talked with great enthusiasm and interest. It was beautiful to watch and listen to.

However, many students were deflated. They did not know what to do without some sort of entertainment from a device. A couple of them put their heads down and avoided eye contact with anyone. I went around the room to those students and tried to engage with them. Some of them mustered a few words, but most didn't know what to do.

I share this story as a wakeup call for parents, grandparents, and guardians. It's tragic to me that a large percentage of today's youth do not know how to have real conversation, but it's not their fault. It is our responsibility as adults to lead by example and hold our kids accountable. Unplug every day, talk, and listen to your children. Getting lost in a device does not help them cope with and overcome the things they're going through mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. All it causes is isolation and depression. They need relationships; they need you.

I plan on doing it again today. #PleaseShare
This was written and supplied by Margaret Johnson in Kaikohe

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15 days ago

Antivaxer nonsense

David from Onerahi

Can anyone tell me who is responsible for delivering a pamphlet of mis-information, lies and distorted facts to the letterboxes of Onerahi?
Nowhere does anyone's name appear on the pamphlet or the website link.
This shameful nonsense should be stamped out, it is potentially putting people's lives at risk. We may be largely Covid free in NZ at the moment but that can change in as little as a few weeks.
Anyone receiving this pamphlet should refer to www.stuff.co.nz... for some accurate information instead of the lies spread by this flyer.

2 days ago

Solar power is coming to Northland

Oliver Neighbourly Lead from One Tree Point

Lodestone Energy is planning to build five solar power farms, two of which will be located in Northland. Both Stuff and RNZ have published articles about this.
The first to go online will be in Kaitaia, with construction beginning later this year and completion in 2022, and provide 62GWh annually. Together with the upgraded and expanded geothermal generation at Ngawha, this will provide more energy than the Far North needs and hopefully bring power prices down in that region, which are among the highest in the country. Any excess energy generated will benefit the rest of Northland, and once another solar farm at Dargaville has been added by the end of 2023, much of Northland will be on 100% renewable and locally produced electricity.
Let's get ready for this and support this development with getting off fossil fuels and switching to electricity over the next two to three years. Need a small car that takes us to town and back, or to commute to work, or drive the kids around? Get a used electric vehicle. Still heating the home with wood fire like in the 1800s? Get a heat pump with its three times higher heating efficiency. Gas stove getting old and needing replacement? Switch to an induction cooktop. Want to become part of the renewable electricity grid? Pop rooftop solar on, and a storage battery in the garage or shed. There are so many ways to electrify and increase our energy efficiency, and Gen Less has all the resources we need to learn about it. Also, there's no need for knee-jerk action or panic - we can do all this when opportunities present themselves, like special offers, subsidies, rental and subscription programs with no capital required, or just a great bargain. This decade will bring a lot of progress and changes in the home energy space. Just let's be open-minded, keep our eyes and ears open, tell each other about it, and take action when we can.

1 day ago

WINGS Pamper Day

The Team from WINGS

The most awaited Pamper Day is finally happening this May! YAY! 😍
Come indulge in a day of self love
Enjoy mini pampering treatments from head to toe.

Raffles with spot prizes, stalls selling awesome goodies, bakes and coffee and a lot more.

Bring a friend and come have fun and unwind at a ladies only day.

* $10 entry.

* $1 per pampering min with a max of 15 min per treatment.

* Women only (10+ years old)