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35 minutes ago

Boaties harass pod of orca

Caroline Williams Reporter from Whangarei Leader

The Department of Conservation is seeking the identities of a paddle boarder and about seven people on board two boats in Ngawai Bay, near Helena Bay on January 4, after drone footage posted to Facebook showed the vessels in close proximity of a pod of orca.
The boats traveled between the pod - made up of four orca, including a calf - at speed, following them, and at several points going over the top of one.
It is a breach under the New Zealand Marine Mammal Regulations to harass orca whales by obstructing the path of the pod or individual and to go within 50 metres of them at a speed of more than five knots.
Anyone with information should phone 0800 DOC HOT (362 468).

9 days ago

How dry is it where you live?

Denise Piper Reporter from Whangarei Leader

A spate of fires since New Year's Day has prompted fire fighters to consider a total fire ban from next week. They say a lack of rain and drying winds has dried up the ground. What is it like where you are? Are you hanging out for rain?