47 days ago

Cell tower proposed for sacred maunga - what are your thoughts?

The team Reporter from Whangarei Leader

Hi neighbours - Hapū are ready to occupy Whakarongorua Maunga in the Utakura Valley to stop cell phone tower construction.

Hapū member Mori Rapana says "the mountain designated for the tower was sacred and steeped in history", with ancestral bones buried there. He says that "they're willing to fully occupy the land and get arrested so that it is left in all its glory for all generations to come".

What are your thoughts? Should another area be chosen for the cell phone tower? Is there enough being done to protect sacred sites?

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5 days ago

What do you think of candidates' criminal convictions?

Denise Piper Reporter from Whangarei Leader

Criminal convictions are no bar to standing in the local body elections (as long as candidates are not currently serving a jail term of three years or more). There is also no requirement to declare any convictions but the majority of Northland mayoral candidates think their should be. What do you think?

1 day ago

Swimming Pool Parties At The Aqua Centre

Chris from Maunu

I heard on the grapevine that, as from November, residents won't be able to bring their own food. Instead, they will have to buy it from the café. Out of interest, who could afford to do this? Who's idea was it and why? It's a relatively cheap option for Parents. There were 7 families enjoying their parties yesterday. If it ain't broken, why fix it? Has anyone else heard this? If so, your comments would be appreciated. Thank You.

30 minutes ago

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