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Help support at-risk teens

Julia de Ruiter from The Salvation Army NZ

It’s not easy growing up in New Zealand today. The Salvation Army and The Warehouse Group know that life can be tough for young people, and that's why we teamed up to develop an innovative and effective youth development programme called ‘Aspire’.

Launched in 2015, thanks to seed funding received from The Warehouse Group's 2014 Suppliers Dinner and ongoing funding support from Warehouse Stationery, Aspire has helped more than 1000 young people develop the skills, confidence, knowledge and networks they need to successfully address challenges and achieve their goals.

From now until the end of July, donations from Warehouse Stationery customers will help support hundreds of at-risk teens who aspire to change their lives.

Find out more about the programme and how to donate here: www.thewarehousegroup.co.nz...

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Ocular side-effects of Ibuprofen ( Vision )

Glen McMillan from Glen McMillan Okara Ward

I put a post up a couple of days ago saying I had given up ibuprofen for gout and was using red cherries instead. I believe my eyesight has suddenly improved particularly in reading subtitles on TV.
I have been doing some research and came across this detailed report from 1970. If you are taking ibuprofen you should read this. the link is below

I have to add I am running in our local elections in Okara Ward
Glen McMillan

1 day ago

Should prisoners be allowed to vote in the council elections?

The team Reporter from Whangarei Leader

Hi neighbours - prisoners have expressed that they want to be able to vote in both the general election and local body elections.

They say it would help them feel human and connected to the community, with former prisoner Awatea Mita saying the voting ban is "humiliating and dehumanising".

What do you think? Should prisoners be allowed to vote in the council elections? Read more here

20 hours ago


Vesta from Raumanga

• Free Wesleyan Church of Tonga in Whangarei
Name: Kovinanite moe 'Eiki (Covenant with the Lord)
Established, May 19(?), 2009 - present

Church services day/time: Friday 7:00PM & Sunday 11:00AM
Youth is held after our Friday church service.
Location: 55 Murdoch Crescent, Raumanga, Whangarei 0110

Everyone is welcome to visit. Congregations are held in Tongan. English language will be acknowledged and implemented into our congregations for the non-Tongan speakers.

Visit the link below for more information about, the Free Wesleyan Church of Tonga.