42 days ago

How well do you think the MenW vaccination campaign was run?

Denise Piper Reporter from Whangarei Leader

There have been four cases of meningococcal disease in Northland this year - at least two are type W. Medical officer of health Dr Catherine Jackson says it's too early to tell how effective the MenW vaccination campaign has been. What do you think? (Please put NFP if your comments are not for publication.)

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3 days ago

Ocular side-effects of Ibuprofen ( Vision )

Glen McMillan from Glen McMillan Okara Ward

I put a post up a couple of days ago saying I had given up ibuprofen for gout and was using red cherries instead. I believe my eyesight has suddenly improved particularly in reading subtitles on TV.
I have been doing some research and came across this detailed report from 1970. If you are taking ibuprofen you should read this. the link is below

I have to add I am running in our local elections in Okara Ward
Glen McMillan

2 hours ago

Help with costs for an urgent mastectomy

Sean from Maunu

Hi, my partner desperately needs a mastectomy soon, so we need to find a bunch of money as fast as possible. below is a link to her givealittle page. Please could you donate or share this with others, it will be much appreciated.


5 days ago

Ibuprofen 800 mg causing vision loss?

Glen from Central Whangarei

I get gout which is a long term issue the doctors have had me taking Ibuprofen 800 mg twice a day for years. I got wise and brought some red cherries. now one month free of Ibuprofen 800 mg biggest change is my eyesight has improved I can now easily read the subtitles on the telly.
Google Ibuprofen 800 mg side effects, the first listed is vision changes.

Works for me red cherries instead of Ibuprofen 800 mg