358 days ago

Slip Repairs SH12 Pakia Hill

Ian Crayton-Brown from Northland Road Safety

The NZ Transport Agency will be carrying out slip repairs on State Highway 12 south of Omapere between now and the middle of November.


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1 day ago

Butterfly park/garden at Pohe Island

Fiona and Mark from Kensington

Hi There, I'm looking for a group of interested people to help with setting up an area to grow butterflies near the dog park on Pohe Island. Last year the round bales that were made looked so picturesque at dusk, it sparked my imagination to have butterflies flying around.

The WDC has given approval and now we just need to plant swan plants and other butterfly food plants over time.

So, # i need some volunteers first up to pull up the kikuya in the area designated.
and # we need some swan plants to put in. I can get some for $15 per large plant, but donated ones would be awesome.

Who would like to help out?

Fiona Douglas fjdouglas61@gmail.com

1 hour ago

We've reached 10,000!

Oliver Neighbourly Lead from One Tree Point

New Zealand’s 10,000th electric vehicle owner received a visit from associate transport minister and climate change minister James Shaw on September 21.
“Ten thousand EVs is an important milestone, particularly when you think that five years ago we had just 210 EVs registered,” Shaw says.
The full article can be found on EV talk.
Interested to learn more, but don't know who or what to believe? Think it's the future, or complete nonsense? Local members are welcome to join my group All About Electric Vehicles and ask away. Everyone with an honest interest in EVs is welcome and encouraged to participate, be it posting and responding, or just listening in to learn more, no matter if already an EV owner, or just interested, or on the fence, or new to the topic, or sceptical, or even opposed.

7 days ago

Dodgy builder

Gail from Central Whangarei

This guy calls himself a builder.. Says he has a building company with 26 workers yet rips off a recently widowed woman who foolishly, when he asked her, paid him for a job before he had started. He asked for the money up front on the pretense of needing for materials. After 2 months of stringing me along with the most ridiculous stories..bank made a mistake and put money in wrong account.. all bar 3 of his workers were sick with flu! I am left with taking him to court. Turns out he doesn't own any building company and probably is not even a builder.
This has been very stressful for me and I debated posting this but I would say I am more than likely not the first person he has done this to so to prevent if I can, others falling for his lies and scams I decided I will. The scum bags name is Scott Fraser.. I think originally from Christchurch. He went on holiday on my money to Christchurch just after he received it!! He was sposed to be working on my job☹️ He even had a company going through their accounts because he said he had put the money into their account for the materials.. But oh no..his bank made a mistake and deposited into wrong account! Another lie.. now he's saying he's reordered through ANOTHER company!! Huh?? Just give me my money back..