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24 minutes ago

Poll: Do you shop around for petrol?

Elesha Gordon Reporter from Hauraki Herald

Concerns motorists are getting ripped off has caused a review into the transparency of petrol retailers. Petrol prices could be slashed by 18 cents a litre when new laws are passed to increase competition and force retailers to display prices at the pump, Read more here.

Do you shop around for petrol?
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10 hours ago

Have you won a SIX60 double pass?

The Team from Neighbourly.co.nz

Another 10 double passes to SIX60 have been drawn for our Neighbourly members! We have 100 double passes to give away as well as an exclusive concert by one of the supporting acts from the SIX60 tour.

To be eligible, make sure you are a verified Neighbourly member (need a hand verifying your address? Click here). We’ll also need to see you being more Neighbourly, whether it’s posting to your neighbourhood, replying to questions or inviting your neighbour to join the site (we’ve put together a few ideas here).
Have you won?

1 day ago

What's On: Summer Bridge

Greg from Thames

Be part of the action and the fun. On Wednesdays January 22 and 29. Bring a partner, a friend, or just you. Please be there at 12.50. Only $2.
Summer Bridge
  • Thames Bridge Club