38 days ago

Way Back Wednesday

Nicholas Boyack Reporter from Community News

Hey Neighbourly folk, what do you think is going on here? Hint, it used to be an annual event.

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12 hours ago

White ghost might be lost

Phil from Ngaio

Hi all. (Especailly Ngaio or Khandallah) Am normally Phil the photography guy. Am a bit distressed as this lovely lady (I think) sat outside our ranch slider howling at the moon tonight. We are in Govind grove Ngaio.
I think its a she- and is not malnourished - but was/ is very hungry A bit lost- just moved in? I scared her / him way away - as we are rehabilitating a trauma cat with sharp claws and fight or flight... but am also aware our cat Cleo- isn't avoid of sharing space with others after 5 months on death row at the SPCA. She communicated with cats in trouble and has invited them in- despite the fact we can't pat her yet... Do you recognise her/ Him... Let me pat ...rub face...left after feeding ...very affectionate so thinking 6-10 year old? She's put us on her daily routine now... as of today- so we can track him/ I think- her... 027 2231642 Phil... I can get her /him to stay when invited Phil 027 2231642 She the kind of puss - if we had to lose her for a day- it would break our heart! We will adopt her ...if no repose..if we can.

4 hours ago

Do you find your lawn tired?

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11 hours ago

Join us for Round the Backyard!

Round The Bays

NZ's largest fun run goes virtual! Join us for the first-ever Ports of Auckland Round the Backyard - it’s a way for us all to band together while keeping safe in our own backyards.

You can walk, jog or run your own 8.4km course wherever you want - whether it be in your own backyard, neighbourhood or a nearby park.

There will be live leaderboards, an interactive course map and participant places in real-time, so you can have healthy rivalry between friends – all via a handy app!

Wanna learn more? Head to our website www.roundthebays.co.nz
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