803 days ago

Looking for a baby gate

Nicolas from Wilton

Hi Neighbours,
Our 9 months old baby is crawling since few days. I am very proud but she is very interested by the kitchen and the stairs...
Do you have a baby gate sleeping in your garage that we could use/borrow/buy?
The price of those brand new gates are outrageous !
Thanks for your help.

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3 days ago

Loosening my grip on perfectionism

Heidi from Northland

Do you also struggle with perfectionism? In this video, I challenged myself to film it without cutting anything out. I took it a step further and also filmed it without makeup (I was wearing a mask but I did wash this off near the end).

Going without makeup was easy. It was filming continuously that made me feel a little anxious but also a little excited. Excited to let go of this need to have everything edited perfectly. Excited to let people see the real me, idiosyncrasies and all!

It took me a while to warm up, but once I did get in to the flow of things...it ended up working out a lot better than anticipated. It was nice to leave it be and not waste time editing it. Which in all honesty...can break up the natural flow of things.

If you also struggle with perfectionism... than I encourage you to try doing a few things a little less perfectly than you normally would. After the initial anxiety has passed...congratulate yourself for having let go a bit. It is quite a relief and also empowering to be ok with being perfectly imperfect. You are practicing embracing yourself exactly as you are, flaws and all. Your value has nothing to do with how perfectly you can do something.

It is these so called imperfections that make us all human, relatable and unique. Perfect is boring and it doesn't really exist.

I will discuss perfectionism in more detail in future videos. If you enjoyed this video, please consider subscribing. It is 100% free. In any case, thank you for reading and watching.

Have a great week!



15 days ago

Were you crazy for Valentines buffet restaurants?

Andre Chumko Reporter from Dominion Post

Hi Neighbours,
We're looking for long-time customers of the staple Kiwi buffet restaurant, Valentines. Were you a frequenter who's disappointed they're no longer operating in the wider Wellington region? Get in touch with me directly on andre.chumko@stuff.co.nz, or by phone 027 587 7078.

10 hours ago

Kids Club at the Karori Arts and Crafts Centre

Margaret Taylor from Karori Arts & Crafts Centre Inc

Do you know about our Kids Club? It only costs $40 to join (per child, for a year membership), you get a free half day holiday kids workshop (usually $40) and you also get $5 discount on term classes - what could be better than that!

Our Term 1 classes are available now online so simply head to www.kacc.org.nz... select 'Join Us' and choose the Kids Club membership (one per child). You can then add your Term 1 kids class and select the Kids Club discounted price. Wahoo!


Note: Adults Term 1 classes still be be confirmed.