52 days ago

Would you like a large Shake(speare) with those fries?

Kate Green Reporter from Dominion Post

Young New Zealanders will know there’s nowhere better for a heart-to-heart than the McDonald’s drive-through.

When Covid-19 shook up the format of the Sheilah Winn Shakespeare Festival, three year-13 students from Wellington College used the opportunity to get off the stage and onto location.

Year-13 Wellington College students Logan Forsyth, Joshua Kemp Whimp, and George Parker decided to film a scene from Shakespeare’s Henry IV, Part 1, in a car.

The boys were old hands at the competition, having entered every year for the past five years.

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10 hours ago

Friday Feathered Friend

Nicholas Boyack Reporter from Community News

Hey Neighbourly folk, this week something a bit different - a lizard.
Photographer Louise Thomas snapped the image on a recent expedition to photograph some new bird species.

"I've had an amazing 24-hours. Yesterday, my faithful porter and I went out to Matiu/Somes Island. We saw sooty shearwaters, kākāriki, aka red-crowned parakeet, numerous skinks, and on the way back a spotted shag near the Days Bay wharf.
All three birds are new species for me. I'm afraid I have no idea what sort of skink this is, I think common skink, but it has a dark iris? Suggestions from those in the know much appreciated - I'm going cross-eyed trying to work it out on the internet.
Funny story, both Chris and I thought this was a railway spike holding up the wood on the edge of the step, then Chris said "wait, that spike has little hands."

33 minutes ago

Entertainment and Encouragement Newsletter

Corinne Morris from Age Concern Wellington

Hello Everyone,
We have a great newsletter for you this week. mailchi.mp...

Freshen up on driving with a Staying Safe Workshop. Join us for a free get together for a light lunch, cuppa tea and good company at one of our monthly Pop-up Hubs in Seatoun or Linden. Check out the Sleep Presentation at Rita Angus in Kilbirnie, to get tips on healthy sleeping and improve leg strength, balance and flexibility at one of our Steady As You GO classes.

We have a funny Poem in "Your Voice" written by DJ Bradley. Test your general knowledge and whip up a delicious panzanella salad in our "Entertainment" section.

We hope you enjoy and stay safe x

1 day ago

Are your school leavers struggling to find work?

Kelly Dennett Reporter from Sunday Star Times

The Sunday Star-Times is investigating unemployment in young people, particularly those who have just graduated high school or university and are struggling to find work, even part-time work, possibly because of Covid. If you or your child would be willing to speak to us please email warwick.rasmussen@stuff.co.nz.