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What's your view of school uniforms?

Reporter Dominion Post

Many parents can't afford them, their children invariably hate them - in his column today, Dave Armstrong asks: why are we still sending kids to school in boring public school uniforms? What's your view?

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5 hours ago

DIY - Snap crackle pot

Robert Anderson from Curtain Clean Wellington (The Wash House)

Give some plain store-bought pots a fresh new look using Resene Crackle Effect. These small, plain herb pots were from The Warehouse. I used Resene Crackle Effect to give them a shabby chic look with on-trend paint colours.

You will need
• Test pot brushes
• Plants of your choice (succulents and cacti look great with these paint colours!)
• Resene Smooth Surface Sealer Resene Crackle Effect
• Resene test pots

Step 1: Start of by removing any price stickers and sticky residue. Next, prepare your pots for painting by applying one coat of Resene Smooth Surface Sealer all over. I painted my pots inside and out using a test pot brush. Leave to dry.

Step 2: Once your base coat has dried, paint each pot in a different colour. You will need to apply two coats, waiting for dry time in between. I chose the following colours for my pots: Resene Florentine Pink, Resene Wild West, Resene Moccaccino and Resene Wafer.

Step 3: Next, apply one coat of Resene Crackle Effect to the top third of the outside of each pot. I was after quite a strong crackle effect, so I applied quite a thick coat. You could also achieve this by applying two coats. Leave to dry completely. Repeat for all pots.

Step 4: Once the Crackle Effect is dry, apply one coat of your chosen white shade over the top of the Crackle Effect; I chose Resene Half Pot Pourri. You will need to work fast applying your paint, as the Crackle Effect will start to show quickly! Repeat for all pots. Leave to dry and let the effect work its magic. Once dry, add your favourite small plants and find a sunny spot for your cute new pots! You might like to try this effect on larger pots too.

Full DIY with pictures here: www.curtainclean.co.nz...

4 hours ago

Wellington council proposes to extend metered parking hours

Nicholas Boyack Reporter from Community News

The Wellington City Council is proposing to extend paid parking hours in the CBD by two to four hours every night, as it continues its push to reduce the number of private vehicles on the capital’s streets.
The change would apply to about 3300 central city parking spaces, and is another clear message to motorists to leave their cars at home as the council looks to free up road space and manage demand.
If approved by councillors on June 30 as part of the council’s 10-year plan, paid parking hours would be extended to 8pm from Sunday to Thursday, and 10pm on Friday and Saturday.
What do you think? Is it a good idea

1 day ago

Tūī feeding time

Nicholas Boyack Reporter from Community News

There have been a lot of bird and animal stories on Nieghbourly but this picture by Andrew Gorrie is too good to ignore.