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Consumer NZ answer a query about an electricity retailer:

Annie Bannister from Utilities Disputes

"I recently received a shocking letter from my electricity retailer, stating I owed a small fortune. The letter says that in 2013 my smart meter glitched out and stopped transmitting readings. My power company has sent me an invoice for more than $10,000 for unpaid electricity charges. What are my rights?"

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2 hours ago

Your Trees and Your Power Supply

Wellington Electricity Lines

At Wellington Electricity, we take your safety around our electricity network and continuity of power supply very seriously. The Electricity (Hazards from Tree) Regulations 2003 were introduced by Government to help us achieve this. These regulations state that there are responsibilities that you are required to undertake with the trees on your property. Trees need to be kept a minimum distance from power lines and Wellington Electricity will work with you to ensure this requirement is achieved.

Treescape will advise through “Cut and Trim” notices your requirements to maintain trees clear of power lines. On receipt of this advice, you will need to complete this work if safe to do so or engage a suitably qualified and competent tree trimming contractor.

For further information please contact Wellington Electricity on 0800 248 148 or Treescape on 0800 873 396 (0800–TREEWORK), or visit our website, www.welectricity.co.nz
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15 hours ago

No Nonsense Agile - Scrum Master Certification

Chalaka from Karori

There is a high demand for Agile skills in Wellington. Agile practices are a lean. The core idea of lean is to eliminate/reduce non-value-added activities (termed "wastes") and thus increase customer value; simply translates to "No Nonsense". So my pal Henrik, who comes with a wealth of experience in Agile across Europe formulated a compressed dose of Agile for New Zealand market naming it "No Nonsense Agile - Scrum Master Certification". A limited seat 1 day Scrum Master coaching and certification workshop with emphasis on building Team Agile Mindset. Talk to Julia on julia@agileready.org or self serve here: www.eventbrite.co.nz...

17 days ago

Plan your journeys around Wellington City after 15 July

Community Engagement Advisor from Metlink: On Our Way

Changes are coming to Metlink buses and trains across the region from Sunday 15 July, including some new timetables and routes.

Check out the Journey Planner www.metlink.org.nz... to see what these changes may mean for you.