54 days ago

Update to Burglary & Reward

Korrie from Northland

My family have come together to offer a reward for information that leads to the arrest and conviction of the culprit/s that burgled my place at 176 Orangi Kaupapa Road on Friday 8 October.
I am heartbroken at having lost jewellery, much of which belonged to our mother and family, plus other important items.
Around the same time a lady knocked at a neighbour's door. She was looking for someone called Joanna who lived at *** O.K Road but I've checked with these occupants and there is no Joanna there!
The woman is Caucasian, probably in her mid twenties, around 5’5”, long, blonde streaked hair, pulled back, wearing jeans, tee-shirt, knitted jacket/cardigan, wearing jewellery and makeup. Her face is more angular than round.
The above may, or may not be a lead but I would ask that you be alert and, if you are unsure about someone at your door, please try to get their number plate, car make/model if possible. Security camera footage would be great.
Many thanks and keep safe

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7 hours ago

Wellington City Covid rules

Nicholas Boyack Reporter from Community News

Wellington City Council will require vaccine certificates at public facilities including swimming pools, recreation centres, gyms, libraries, cemetery offices and chapels, and the Service Centre.
There are 75 public-facing council sites in total where vaccine certificates will be required.
Parks, playgrounds, cemetery exteriors, and public toilets will operate as normal with QR code scanning and mask requirements in place.

24 minutes ago

SPCA Pet of the Day: Meet Chewie the rabbit

Nicholas Boyack Reporter from Community News

"I came into SPCA with a damaged eye beyond repair. The wonderful vet team couldn't save it, so I had an operation to have it removed. It hasn't slowed me down at all, you just have to be aware that I can’t see you approaching me so please don't startle me.
I would love to be a single indoor bunny where I get all the human attention. I am a clean boy and will go into my large litter tray for toileting. I love gentle pats on my head and sometimes come up to you for treats. I regularly binkie around super fast, and when I'm tired I do bunny flops as I am a happy boy.
I love space and the outdoors so I will need a large grassy area with a weatherproof hutch for outside during the day. My indoor area must be big enough for me to spend the day and night comfortably. My caregivers ask that rabbits always come inside at night, to be part of the family and to keep me safe.
I could go to a home with friendly cats as I've met some before."

2 hours ago


Happy from Newtown Greengrocer

🔥🔥🔥 SPECIALS🔥🔥🔥🔥

✅Eggplant $1.99 each.
✅Strawberry 2 for $5
✅Asparagus 2 for $5
✅courgette $3.99kg
✅Avocado good size 6 for $5
✅Cucumbers 2 for $2.50
✅capsicum 2 for $2.50
✅Broccoli $1.50 each
✅Cauliflower $2.99each
✅cabbage green $2.99 each

Many more specials in-store!
Specials are on now and ending on Sunday 5/12/21).