62 days ago

Slowing down the CBD - what's your view?

Katie Townshend Reporter from Dominion Post

Wellington looks set to reduce speed limits on almost all of the city's CBD streets, and some want the changes to go even further.
The proposed revamp would result in speed limits being reduced to 30kmh on all CBD streets except the waterfront quays and main roads. What do you make of the plan?

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5 days ago

Our sweet pea seeds send out, April issue and Get Growing

Mei Leng Wong Reporter from NZ Gardener & Get Growing

Dear neighbours and NZ Gardener family,

Our April issue should be with our subscribers now and available in supermarkets and service stations (having been distributed prior to the lockdown restrictions). Whether or not it's on the stands yet is a bit patchy ... but then the incredibly brave and hard-working supermarket staff have quite a bit on their plate right now so I understand if there is a delay! Please, please, please everyone ... don't go out to buy it! Normally of course we love you buying NZ Gardener but right now it's far more important that you stay home and stay safe. (You can buy a copy with your online shopping though! That's safe and I think we are all in the market for something uplifting to read right now).

In this issue we offered to send out sweet pea seeds to any reader who sent us a SSAE. Just to reassure you, we will still send out sweet pea seeds to any reader who is keen to participate. We are just not quite sure when! Ignore the dates in the magazine of when you needed to send the envelope in by - that has been indefinitely extended. But we cannot wait to send you the seed and for those flowers to bloom as by then we will be well through this or even have it behind us. And keep letting us know what you are sowing and growing, send in pictures of your harvest, your flowers or what you are sharing.

We always love hearing from NZ Gardener readers but now when we are all staying apart that connection means more than you can imagine. Stay home, stay safe and stay in touch everyone. For the most updated gardening advice, subscribe to our digital e-zine Get Growing, which will be delivered to your inbox completely free.

4 hours ago

Use official news sources

The Team from Neighbourly.co.nz

The effect of misinformation, myths and gossip can be stopped in its tracks if we all use official news sources. Myths can often be difficult to spot, so we encourage you to only use official news sources at this time https://covid19.govt.nz/.

5 hours ago

Scouts NZ free programmes for all NZ youth in lockdown

Bob from Vogeltown

Scouts New Zealand Engaging the Wider Public
We have made a version of the Scouting From Home programme available free to parents outside of scouting. Parents can sign up at scouts.nz...
They will get the content on a one week delayed basis for engaging their young people. (Events like JOTI will not be profiled for them.) We will be working to get positive publicity around the Scouting From Home programme with a goal of connecting them to local groups when we return to community based scouting.

You can see an example of the free public programme Scouting From Home here drive.google.com...

We will be providing the content to parents at around 10am on Saturday mornings. We will try to be regular as clockwork on these programme drops. We are sharing this so you can manage expectations.

We will provide weekly programme drops to parents for the entire level four alert

Our recommended talking points are:
• As of 02 April, we are providing a version of our programme to any young people or parents in Aotearoa New Zealand looking for things to do. All they need to do is sign up for free digital delivery.
• We will make the programme available to non-members while we are at alert level four.
• This is our contribution back to our community. It won't come with the support of the wider scouting community - that is what our local Scout groups are for - but it will give parents a bank of ideas to keep young people engaged over the next several weeks.