283 days ago

Meth clean-up cost frustrating for landlord

Nice Place Property Management Ltd

While some areas of the Government have increased the acceptable level of meth contamination, we at Nice Place are keeping our tolerance levels at 1.5mcg/100sqm until the Tenancy Tribunal makes any changes to how they are making rulings; not the new level of 15mcg/100sqm, before renting a property if we are ever in that situation. We are not willing to risk for our tenants or our owners.


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2 hours ago

Yoga fun with Children

Barnardos Home-Based Early Learning - Wellington

Yoga is a great way for children to begin to understand how their bodies work and become spatially aware. Yoga helps to train the mind to focus on the task at hand supporting ‘mindfulness’ and a sense of calm.


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5 days ago

Worms for compost

Tony from Hataitai

Would anyone have any worms that I could have for my compost bin? Or could you advise where I could buy some?

5 hours ago

New Home for my cat

Kristin from Roseneath

I’m looking for a foster home or potentially a new home for my cat Joey, while heading overseas for a few months.

Joey is a very loving cat and needs lots of attention. He is almost like a dog, following us around wherever we go.

He would be the perfect companion for someone that is at home a lot and would like a dog, but can’t because of walking difficulties. He even plays with soft toys and carries them around!

He is 2 years old, fully vaccinated and in perfect health. Please get in touch if you would like to foster him or are potentially happy to adopt him fully depending on how you get on together. Thanks, Kristin