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Neville from Hataitai

No doubt you have been made aware of the anger, frustration and confusion that many Wellingtonians have towards you and Council staffers who are proposing to close the Wellington CAB's. National and local news-media together with social media have fully amplified the real concerns.

The "guts" of the issue is outlined in the paragraph below-note the last three lines "If it aint broke-don't fix it"

The Council's Grants Sub-Committee recommended on 31 May that CAB be allocated funding of $103,500 "as a one-off six-month grant to provide an opportunity for WELCAB to redefine the way it delivers services and to be responsive to current and future trends in the way people access information and support."

Brian Dawson, Jill Day, Sara Freeman-Take a bow. Who is the muppet on/within the Council suggesting "mobile service units?. It is strongly suspected that you have no idea where CAB's are located, let alone visited one or spoken to the volunteers/community members who access their services.

The current offices are strategically based within communities enabling full access to everyone (especially those with disabilities) Easy to park and good public transport. How is this going to be achieved with "mobile/remote" service access?

The reason that CAB's are successful and have credibility, is that people have free/unfetted access. They are treated in a non-judgmental manner by "real people". In an "ideal world", CAB's would/should be closed if it were not for the fact that they (and other voluntary agencies) are doing the work of toxic, bureaucratic organisations/companies who alienate degrade, bully and demean vulnerable consumers (WINZ,ACC,Housing NZ, WCC).

If it were not for the existence and work of CAB's (and like agencies), the "cost" to the community would be prohibitive and the negative social outcomes potentially harmful/protraced. Ratepayers are "paying" for this service and it is clear that they are happy about the service delivery currently provided.

It is unconscionable that Council and staff officers have demonstrated a caviler, arrogant and professionally disrespectful attitude towards the Board,Senior Management and the volunteers of the Wellington CAB's over this critical issue.

Maybe the Council should start this conversation again. Go back to the beginning and this time be constructive,open, honest, transparent and work collaboratively with the CAB to clearly identify and resolve operational/funding matters that are of concern to you.

The Council has lost credibility and the respect of the community on their handling of this matter

I note with interest in the Dompost (8th June), that the Council have scrapped the "redevelopment of lower Tory street after wasting $0000. Not sure of the status of the $20,000 "rainbow pedestrian crossing. The community will doubtless be "delighted" that the Mayor/Council have approved the expenditure of $250,000 for the Matariki Festival which commences on 15th June Interesting take on financial priorities.--

Neville Wellbourn

Flat 9/7 Konini Road


Wellington 6021

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