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Young boy followed yesterday in kilbirnie

Katrina from Hataitai

Yesterday afternoon a young boy 11-12 years old was followed from school by a man in kilbirnie, the man said "Hey Little man" when the kid didnt reapond he then started walkong very fast after him swerving for traffic.
The young boy managed to sprint off and get away and call the cops. However he was left shaken.
He was found today but can't be charged as he didn't do anything illegal.
He has approached other young boys in the area by saying "hey" and then saying "I need help"
Please keep your kids safe and remind them of stranger danger and if they are ever in uncomfortanle position to scream, run and call the police ASAP and to try walk in a group where possible.

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42 minutes ago

Researching your family history?

Social Media Specialist from Wellington City Council

Are you researching your family history? Wellington City Libraries is hosting August Ancestry month - a series of events to get some tips from experienced researchers. On Friday 3 August there is a public talk focusing on Wellington resources, and on Friday 10 August a tour of our special genealogy materials. You can also book a 30-minute appointment to discuss digitising your precious photos and documents, or get help with your family or whakapapa searching. To find out more click here.

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Poll: What do you think about the new blue lights on Wellington's buses?

The Team from Neighbourly.co.nz

Some Wellington commuters are complaining the neon blue lighting in the city's new fleet of buses is causing passenger headaches. The blue lights introduced to "minimise reflection" on the driver's front windscreen have been criticised for being "too aggressive" and being "unhealthy".

Metlink said the lights were not installed for aesthetics, but instead had an "operational purpose". What do you think of them?

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What do you think about the new blue lights on Wellington's buses?
  • 37.1% I don't mind them
    37.1% Complete
  • 54.9% They're too aggressive
    54.9% Complete
  • 8% I haven't noticed them
    8% Complete
286 votes
3 days ago

Scooters at traffic lights

Rhiann from Hataitai

Hi! I drive a 50cc scooter, like a lot of other people in Wellington. The traffic lights do not register us as a car, therefore the traffic light will not turn for us. I always drive up a little further so that cars can come behind as if they are first in line, so that the traffic lights will turn green for us.
Recently a lot of people won't come up, therefore we have been stuck on red for ages.
Just a post to say come up, without scaring the person if they are not aware of the situation, so that the lights will turn green and everyone can be on their way!
Thanks! Have a great day all.