194 days ago

Found retriever dog

Alison from Brooklyn

Found retriever dog in my garden, very wet and cold, he’s now fed, watered and dried. He’s with animal services now, chipped but not registered, no collar.

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3 hours ago

How will this affect your wages?

The Team from ACC New Zealand

For most workers, part of your wage goes to ACC. We’re proposing you pay more because accidents and medical costs have gone up. If you’re a wage earner, these proposals could affect you.

Learn about all the proposals and have your say at our site by October 25.
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3 hours ago

Healthier homes, faster

Housing New Zealand

We’re using a new high-tech building product to build more homes, faster, for those who need it most.

Cross-laminated timber (or CLT) allows state housing to be built more quickly and more safely, and creates attractive homes that are warmer, drier and safer for residents.

For the full story, click here.
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6 days ago


Alexis Neighbourly Lead from Mount Cook

Hi all, Welcome to everyone. To all those not already on Neighbourly it would be great to see some more new people!