376 days ago

Pushing landlords out will only make renting more expensive

Nice Place Property Management Ltd

“Landlords supply around 85% of the homes that tenants live in, but they are facing a large number of increased costs.” There tends to be a negative few on landlords, but this article looks into what it is really like to supply rental properties, and how it is increasingly becoming difficult.


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2 days ago

Anyone know where I can get some swan plants please?

Patricia from Kelburn

I know this has been a mantra this summer but, even with only putting our 12 (very large) swan plants out late in the Monarch season, and wiping quite a few eggs off leaves, we still have lots of hungry caterpillars and only a few leaves left. Does anyone know of anywhere still supplying swan plants please?

4 hours ago

Let fresh air in and keep insects out

Jason Westmoreland from Ameribuild

Charcoal fibreglass insect screens by Phifer come standard on all windows supplied by Ameribuild. Sliding doors come standard with screen doors, and can be added as an upgrade to all swinging doors. Window screens are completely integrated and don't need to be removed in order to open or close the window, but are spring-loaded and can easily be removed for cleaning.

Contact Ameribuild to find out more about all of our minimum standard features. Be sure to also check out this YouTube video on Phifer screens.


4 days ago

Worms for compost

Tony from Hataitai

Would anyone have any worms that I could have for my compost bin? Or could you advise where I could buy some?