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Pushing landlords out will only make renting more expensive

Nice Place Property Management Ltd

“Landlords supply around 85% of the homes that tenants live in, but they are facing a large number of increased costs.” There tends to be a negative few on landlords, but this article looks into what it is really like to supply rental properties, and how it is increasingly becoming difficult.

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Do you need a Gardener?

Joshua from Price Smart, Landscapers and Gardeners

Is your garden getting over grown? Does it need a tidy up? Do you have more important things to do? Than look no further. My name Joshua and I’ve been gardening for the last three years and love it. I’m more than happy to come and get stuck into your garden and bring it back to an excellent standard.
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Poll: At what age would you let your children walk to school?

Ruby Macandrew Reporter from Dominion Post

Parents are clogging up the capital – stopping their cars in the middle of roads, causing delays and creating safety concerns during school pick-up and drop-off periods. To alleviate the mayhem, and congestion, Wellington City Council wants to develop a school travel plan focused on "active transport" options and alternative pick-up zones. Comments may be used in print unless marked NFP (not for print)

At what age would you let your children walk to school?
  • 53.3% Primary school age (5-9yrs)
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  • 40% Intermediate (10-12yrs)
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  • 6.7% High school (13+yrs)
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More regulation: Not helping tenants

Nice Place Property Management Ltd

Last year we wrote about how regulation isn’t going to help tenants. A year on, and the conversation remains the same. Increasing regulations means greater cost which is passed onto the tenant.