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💲❓Is “eating healthy” too expensive?

Cathy Finnimore from Tawa Fitness Centre


🙋🏻Do you ever look at social media posts of people showing off all their “Sunday Meal Prep” food and wonder what the big deal is?

⚡️Meal prepping is all the rage, but the truth is for a lot of people, spending an entire Sunday afternoon cooking all your meals for the next seven days doesn’t sound like much fun. What if you actually want to ENJOY your day off? 😎

👍🏽Well guess what? YOU CAN! 👍🏽

👩‍🍳🍖🍏Check out Tawa Fitness Centres Meal Prep Guide which is a “real world” guide so you can always have healthy meals and snacks on-hand. That means you can reach your goals a lot faster and easier! 💪🏼

✅No more eating all your meals out of containers (unless you want to)!
✅No more eating chicken, sweet potatoes, & broccoli every day (unless you like them).

💡Instead, it’s all about focusing on time-tested MEAL PLANNING so you can enjoy your favourites and STILL GET RESULTS. 💡

💁🏻Let me show you how! Tawa Fitness Centre Meal Prep Guide is available via download.

👇Grab your copy right now by clicking on: www.dropbox.com...

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4 hours ago

Adult native tree being chopped down

Joao from Tawa

Hello, I was wondering if there is a way to check if the native tree being chopped down in the roundabout between Main Road and Lyndhurst Road is in the council land or not.

It is very sad to see adult trees (4 are already gone and 1 left) being chopped down in times like this when we need them the most.

4 hours ago

What's On: LEON MORIN, PRIEST France 1961

David from Brooklyn

Jean-Paul Belmondo and Emmanuelle Riva star in Melville's film as cleric and communist drawn together through love. “A triumph of mood, setting, and innuendo.” –Criterion Collection. See trailer at https://filmsocietywellington.net.nz/
  • Embassy Grand
4 hours ago

What would you do with a $13.3 million house?

Nicholas Boyack Reporter from Community News

A lavish home, believed to be the largest new build in Wellington in more than a decade, is taking shape above Evans Bay.
The five-bedroom, 1400-square-metre house in Overtoun Terrace in Hataitai will be fitted with two bars, an indoor swimming pool, work areas, massage and games rooms, a “great room”, and a home theatre.
It is being constructed on two sections of land, bought for $5.8m in 2016 by Wellington-based siblings Nigel and Susan Stanford.
The combined cost of the land and the house totals $13.3m.