29 days ago

Can tooting in the Mt Vic tunnel create beautiful music?

Katie Townshend Reporter from Dominion Post

Mt Victoria tunnel's deafening chorus of car horns could hit all the right notes for a musical masterpiece to be made in Wellington. The tunnel is known for its controversial tooting traditions, and now composer Chris Winter will work his magic on the sound. Winter is calling it "Carcophony" - he just needs top tooters to sound their horns. What do you think? Can toots make music - or should we stop tooting and embrace silence?

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Lan from Johnsonville

Thanks for all the neighbors! I sorted it out and unfortunately my car is R.I.P 🥀🥀.

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What's On: Summer Explorations- Student Creative Exhibition

Rachel from Hutt Central

End of Year Student Art Exhibition. Opening night 12th Dec 6pm-9pm. Guest speaker:Jewellery artist Lisa Walker. Also open 13th,14th&15 10am-4pm. TLCstudents present their works in an eclectic group show.
Summer Explorations- Student Creative Exhibition
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