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Two dangerous crossings in Crofton Downs

Ngahiwi from Crofton Downs

Kia ora tātou
I've had and seen several close calls at the pedestrian crossing in Churchill Drive, Crofton Downs just above the Crofton Downs Supermarket. My children report close calls on a weekly basis, particularly when motorists come over the rise at speed from the hospital side. Many motorists don't seem to see the warning sign just before the Chartwell turnoff and it's especially dangerous when you are on the crossing and they come flying towards you. I saw someone just about get hit there this week.There were no cars coming so the person crossed only to have a motorist come over the rise a second or so after they began to cross and go straight through the crossing narrowly missing the pedestrian. I'm worried that someone is going to get hit soon. I'm not sure what your experience is on that crossing but I'd be interested to hear if it's similar to mine? The second and just as dangerous crossing is the drive at the Crofton Downs supermarket. Drivers seem to be blissfully unaware that they are supposed to give way to pedestrians crossing the supermarket drive - despite the sign that tells them to give way. The Road Code also says, "When you are entering or leaving a driveway that crosses a footpath, you must give way to people using the footpath." Maybe people are stressed out by their shopping experience, but it feels like you take your life in your hands crossing that driveway, particularly at peak shopping times. Motorists don't seem to see the sign - maybe a bigger sign might do the trick. Better still, a bigger sign and drivers who know the Road Code. Ngā mihi

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Dhalene from Johnsonville

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Council to discuss Central Library

Simone Borgstede from Wellington City Council

In tomorrow's meeting (Wednesday 27 May), the Mayor and Councillors will consider information about the Wellington Central Library building and services.
The meeting will be held at 9.30am via Zoom. To tune into the live stream, visit our Youtube channel: www.youtube.com...
To read the meeting agenda which includes the report, visit:

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Humming noise since February

Juli from Wilton

I would like to know if anyone can hear a low frequency humming noise, especially at night? It sounds like an electrical noise from a transformer or diesel engine.