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8-10am Friday house clean available.

Niki from Professional House Cleaning

Hi everyone, jump in and grab this time slot to have your house cleaned if the time works for you. Call or text me on 0273 119 209. $25ph.

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Sherry from Strathmore Park

Gemma Lee beach swimwear and wetsuits Monday 20th January
8 am -12.30 pm and 2.30 - 4.30 pm @ 70 Kilbirnie Crescent (opposite the pool).
All eco-conscious and ethically made in New Zealand and Australia and designed in Wellington.
The swimwear is made from abandoned fishing nets and the wetsuits are limestone based with the lining made from recycled PET bottles.
Your chance to view products designed locally.

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16 days ago

Weed problem on wire mesh street railing!

Ingrid from Brooklyn

The wire mesh that is increasingly appearing on Wellington's timber street railing I think is a mistake. I assume mesh is being used to save repair costs. Also, possibly traditional timber street railing is now not considered safe? The mesh is fast attracting large swathes of weeds as it the perfect surface for climbing on!.... How is the council going to control the weeds from covering the mesh?....Increase the amount of weed spraying? Also, surely repainting the timber beneath the mesh could be problematic? Simply repairing the existing timber railing would be the best option and adding in more timber rails (if safety is a problem). Wellington's traditional timber street railing is worth saving ....and looks far better than wire mesh.
Note: One photo shows how a mesh area has now become an ivy hedge!.